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I will try and keep this short, maybe only a few hundred thousand words or so.


Calgary Alberta


District of Mission

Huntsman Ind.

Pliant corp

Cascade Aerospace

Here is a list of some links,from where I am from and where I now live.

Well to start off my name is Jamie. I am a 37yr old single parent who is proudly rasing my 2 daughters.
I have wonderfull children,which I will tell ya, they sure do keep me busy.As they get older my part as a parent has shifted from DAD to chauffeur.There's nothing I love more then my children and being a DAD.

I was born in Calgary Alberta, I moved to British Columbia
in the early 1980's.I have been working for a company called Huntsman Ind for the past 13 years.We manufacture plastic bread bags.

Me in the morning

Then I ended up running into a major problem in my life.
I ended up in a deep depression, everyone around me seen it coming.I was the last person to find out.(isn't that always the way)It hasn't been an easy road, all up hill if you ask me. "but" There is a way out of this mess.