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Some poems I wrote


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Here is a few poems that I wrote.I hope you enjoy them.

Here is a rose just for you.
On this Happy Valentines Day.
All I've done and said to you.
With this thought, I can only say.
For you my dear I go to bed,
And with each night I pray.
I say to my god I love her so.
Please send her my thoughts right away.
I dont know why I do this stuff.
I wish you would understand.
The things I do for you my dear
Are seldom ever planned.
I love the fact that I met you.
And I would never forget our love.
Things will be fine Im told my dear.
Thats a promise from up above.
I wish to thank you ever so much.
I have written some wonderful things.
The thought of you in my heart and soul.
Such warm feelings to my soul it brings.
There are so many years behind us now.
I dont want them to slip away.
The thought of you is in my heart.
Each night and everyday.
I am writing this poem for you my dear.
I have something to say.
To you I wish the happiest.
The happiest Valentines Day.

Jamie 02/02/2000